Services Provided

Expert Economic Testimony

With more than thirty years experience, Don Frankenfeld has testified in state and federal courts throughout the United States. He was the principal testifying expert before the Federal September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. His work is balanced between plaintiff and defense engagements.


Financial Analysis

A financial analyst is a kind of money detective. While most CPAs are skilled at constructing financial statements, a financial analyst knows how to take them apart to divine their meaning. Don Frankenfeld is a former associate member of the New York Society of Financial Analysts. Over his career he has closely investigated and explained thousands of financial documents for entities ranging from huge publicly traded Fortune 100 companies like Enron to tiny sole proprietorships with only partial records.

Business Evaluations

Using his formal training from Harvard Business School plus years of experience as an analyst, investor, and funder of small businesses, Don has developed special skills in evaluating businesses. He is not a real estate appraiser, and focuses his attention principally on projecting earnings and cash flows, and appropriately valuing those cash flows in today’s dollars.

Feasibility Studies

Does an economic project make sense? Don can help answer this question by conducting a detailed feasibility study, examining and critiquing business plans, offering opinions about appropriate means to finance a project, and testing both the value-added and the marketing approach against real-world benchmarks.

Securities and Investment Analysis

Don has many years of experience as a securities analyst, portfolio manager, and investment trustee. He often testifies as an expert in securities arbitrations, and is a FINRA credentialed arbitrator.

Mediation and Arbitration

Don participated in Harvard Law School’s famous Program on Negotiation, and is a graduate of several courses dealing with alternate dispute resolution. He is a FINRA accredited mediator, and has helped resolve numerous disputes, thus avoiding costly litigation.

Don has appeared in state and federal courts and has consulted with attorneys in New York, California, New Jersey, Texas, Iowa, South Dakota, Oregon, Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, Massachusetts, Georgia, Connecticut, Illinois, Montana, and Wyoming.

Don is known for the clarity of his presentations. In addition to his lively narrative, he displays his conclusions in a crisp, colorful, easy-to-understand graphical format.

Don devotes approximately 10% of his caseload to Pro Bono work.

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